Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm still here... actually I moved to up there.

I am no longer at KAF. I moved north to the Uruzgon province. I'm just outside the thriving metropolis of Tarin Kowt (that's a joke). Our little camp is attached to a big Dutch FOB. There are also a lot of Australians here as well. We've been here for about a week. The day we got here, there was a lot of fighting going on in the area, but we were not involved.

Oh... the C130 that we hopped on to get up here was an Australian Air Force bird. I was joking with some of my young team mates about always wanting to fly on Quantis. I'm 36 and most of them are about 24-26. They just didn't get it. They had never heard of Quantis. I guess they need to start running ads again.

I'm currently living in a wooden B-hut. It's much nicer to finally have a room of my own. Tree is sharing the room with me for now. He has a room set up in another hut, but we are waiting for an AC unit to install there. My room already had an AC unit. I built a loft style bed out of some lumber yesterday. Today I'm going to build a desk under it, if I have time.

The day we got here, we saw a dog hanging out around the camp. I asked one of the guys who had been here for a while if the dog had a name. He said that he had never seen the dog and that it showed up when we did. We've been snagging food from the dutch chow hall for her. Her name is now Tina. It's a Napoleon Dynamite thing. I have some pictures of her, but our upload speed here is unbelievably slow. The download speed isn't a great either. And... the connection goes out or is cut off depending on what's going on. I'll try to get some pictures up here some how though.

I'm not going to go too into any detail about any ongoing or planned activities. So, this blog may be kind of dull for a few days, and the more days of dullness the better. I'll only talk about things that have happened, days after. You know, OPSEC.

Well... I have some work to do. Hopefully, I can get it all done quickly. I want to get that desk built.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

From the Bulgarian Army!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just An Update

I'm still here. We had a partial power outage that took the phone/internet hut down for a few days. The gym was also closed which really sucked.

We are slowly getting everything together for a push out (still). I came back to my tent and to my surprise, it turned out that the Weapon Fairy had left me a brand new Mossberg 590 shotgun.

Boy, was I happy. I went to the range the next day and I got a warm and fuzzy from it. I hope I never need this close range weapon, but it's nice to have it in addition to my rifle and pistol

Let's see... what else... Not much really that I feel like talking about. Things are moving slowly here (for now).

Friday, June 08, 2007

Romanian Soldiers Love The Internet

Yes, it is true. There are Romanian Soldiers here at KAF. I don't know what they do. Maybe they guard the computers and phones we all use to communicate with the folks back home. They are always here, at the computer room, in platoon sized elements. They are usually quite loud... then again, we "Ugly Americans" are probably louder.

A bunch of us went up to the boardwalk (yes, they built a boardwalk here) to watch the Kandahar Cup Hockey tournament final match. There's a hockey rink here. No ice, just a bunch of guys running around with sticks chasing a ball. We were having a good time making fun of the Canadian team, and cheering on the American team. Then we found out that both teams were Canadian. So I imagine that people were making fun of us. It was still a good time.

We went to the range yesterday. I'm not an eagle eye expert, but I'm feeling very confidant in my ability to reach out an touch someone with my M4. Going to the range here is a lot more fun than it is back in the states. You can shoot safely without all the safety Nazis jumping down your throat. It's more relaxed, just as safe, and it's easy to concentrate on shooting.

I've been lifting weights a lot lately. I'm not losing weight, but I am getting a little slimmer and a little stronger.

As you can tell, life here at KAF is pretty chilled out for the moment. We are getting our equipment together piece by piece and it may be a little longer than we had expected for the push out to our respective FOB's. I can't honestly say I mind. Each day I am here is a day off the deployment without being blown-up or shot at. There will be plenty of time for that this year and I'm not in a hurry. Although, I would like to get to where I'm supposed to go, if only to stop living out of my duffel bags in a giant tent with 50 guys. They say we'll have one man rooms in the B-Huts, where I'm going.

My computer time is up. There is a Romanian here with an AK who needs to get on MySpace or something. So that's the update.