Wednesday, October 25, 2006

FACT: GWB Controls Gas Prices

So it's true. In the amazing list of things that are all the fault of George W. Bush, a new one has been added to the list. That's right. In casual conversation the other day about the impending elections, the person I was speaking with stated that everyone knows that Republicans will maintain control of both the House and the Senate because George Bush made gas prices go down so that more people will vote for Republicans (!!). So there you have it folks, George Bush is the reason that you are paying less at the pumps these days, and as soon as the elections are over, he will make gas prices higher to payoff all of his crooked, evil oil cronies. I mean, it's George Bush, so it must be his fault, right?


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So I watched Barak Obama on Meet the Press on Sunday. He is gearing up for a run at the executive branch leadership in '08 and was also chatting up his new book. I have to say, he's very articulate. He's well-spoken and charismatic, and he doesn't seem to have much dirt on him that could hold him back. I'm just curious what Hillary is going to do, and what that means for Obama? Seems to me that Hillary just has too much baggage to get elected. I could be wrong, and crazier things have happened, but it seems a little out of reach for her. So would she accept an invitation to run for Vice-President? (She doesn't come across as liking the second-in-command seat very much). So can Obama get elected president? He's pretty young and not-white. That's kind of a departure from precedent, although certainly welcome from this observer.

I haven't read his book yet, but he described some of his views on the show on Sunday, inlcuding the argument that the major idealogical political battles of the recent past have been grounded in the thinking of the sixties (i.e. big government vs. small government, personal privacy rights, etc.), and that now, politics are evolving to be centered more in globalization.

He seemed to be saying that as the major markets of the world have shown tremendous convergence over the past 30 years, so have our political relationships. I have studied the convergence of economies. These are data that can be tested. Convergence of political ideals however concerns me. Anyone who watched or read about the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts should have been awed by his dedication to and expansive knowledge of constitutional law. Obama voted against Roberts' nomination. On Meet the Press, Obama claimed he was not satisfied with some of Roberts' previous rulings. I think that's crap. Roberts came across as just about the most qualified person on earth for that job, and the only real votes against him were from Democrats looking to shield themselves because of the fact that Roberts was nominated by Bush. To me, that's an example of making leadership decisions based on politics, not on values.

I am concerned by anyone who believes that our Constitution should be interpreted from a global standpoint and not an idealistic one. Maybe I am just conservative like that, but I believe in leadership by principle and not by polls. I don't know enough to have an opinion of Obama yet, but I am interested in hearing more from him. Could he be an intellectual that grabs the middle ground of America, or a globalist that would rather make friends with France that do what is necessary for our country? If he decides to run for president, he will have a lot of difficult tests ahead of him, from both Republicans and Democrats. I will reserve judgement until I learn more or before I believe Joe Klein, when he says that Obama is the "megahype star that lives up to the hype."


Friday, October 20, 2006

Is the Partamian Report Still Relevant?

Of course not... It never was. It's a tiny little spec on the radar. However, I will bring it back to life and maybe I can take it from a spec to a full blip.

The family is good... I got a promotion at work and I also got promoted in the US Army.

I've signed up to do the Atlanta Half-Marathon again. I haven't trained like I said I would. Last year I did it without having run for months. So, I guess I should do better this year because I have been running, but I haven't done much over 3 miles lately. I know I can do it, and I have a little time to ramp up the mileage. Will I? Probably not.

I started a pushup contest with M and a list of the usual suspects. I have been in the lead the entire time, but I think this may change unless I start working harder on it. I've been sick a lot lately, just the common cold, which also has contributed to my running slump.

On the good side, I have lost a few pounds. I gained a little back but the trend is downward and I got a 266 on my Army Physical Fitness Test, which is pretty good (especially for being a NG Leg).

That's all for now. I need to hit the road, take Penny to day care and get to the office.