Friday, December 31, 2004


No much to report these days. Christmas break from EOBC has been nice. I think I've put on about 10 pounds. Lot's of good food here. I've been busting my butt at the gym every day while here, so maybe some of it is muscle. Anne got me an IPod for Chrismas! I've already got half of the 20 gigs filled. My little brother is here and I wish he could stay longer. Heck, I wish I could stay longer. But it's back to FLW on 2Jan.

Oh yeah... Mack, I updated the page. Happy now?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Just an update...

I'm still alive and kicking here at FLW. Things are pretty good. We are doing horizontal construction in class this week. Today it's all about drainage. I'm having a bit of a rough time with the multi-step process and calculations. I will have to study hard this weekend to get the hang of it. I'm looking forward to vertical construction next week.

We did a company run this morning. I'm so damn slow. After all these years of running, I'm still struggling to keep up. I'll just have to keep trying and be more positive.

Christmas is coming up soon and I can't wait to get home to be with Anne.