Thursday, May 25, 2006

Funeral Protestors

These people make me sick. They believe that deaths to American servicemembers are a sign of God's anger at U.S. tolerance of homosexuals. But these aren't the only ones. Protestors of all kinds are using military funerals as a preaching ground for one political agenda or another and it is infuriating to me. I happened to be nearby at a funeral for a young private in Kansas several months ago. There was a memorial for the young man at his former high school and there was almost a riot. It is shameful that the parents of this young man and the family and friends of all servicemembers have to deal with the grief of their loss and then not be allowed to honor their loved ones without the event being used as a political spectacle. One of the people I was working with there has a relative in the Patriot Guard Riders, a group who has devoted their time to try to preserve the rights of the families to bury their loved ones in peace. I am thankful for this group although I am ashamed that it has come to this. I am glad that Congress has passed a ban on protesting at funerals. I believe the President will sign it without hesitation. I am reticent to believe that the matter is resolved though. I could see this being overturned by the courts as a freedom of speech issue. I wish people would just have the decency to let these men and women be buried with honor without protestors stomping on their graves in the process.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

We're going to have to deal with this...

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