Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tim Horton's Kandahar Hat

I won a limited edition baseball cap from the Tim Horton's here on KAF. I guess they only made 1,000 of them. This seems like quite a few caps to me, but apparently people (Canadian people in particular) are willing to pay some big bucks for one of these hats.

So... if you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for this hat... contact me. I heard (and this could be some serious BS) that someone offered $1,000 to some of the staff at T.H.'s for one of these hats.

Quality Partamian bakers from . . . Mexico?

Francisco Rosales, left, and Jose Gonzales, co-owners of A. Partamian Bakery hold up a customer favorite, lahmajunes, that they make from scratch

The crusty owner of the 60-year-old A. Partamian Bakery in the Mid-City area liked the way they cooked his sarma and lahmajune. And he liked the two of them.

So when Partamian died 17 months ago, he gave his bakery business -- and the building that houses its vintage ovens and bread display cases -- to both of them.,1,1950063.story

Friday, March 14, 2008

Still Kicking

I'm still alive and I'm still in Afghanistan. I won't be here for too much longer. The deployment is drawing to an end. I just went down to Helmand Province. I flew down on a British Sea King helicopter. Not the best ride in Afghanistan, but it beats walking.

And no...I didn't see any royalty.

Some of the friends I have made here are leaving. I'll miss them, but I'm glad they're going home. A year is a long time and they need to be home with their families. Also, their departure means mine is just around the corner!