Friday, August 25, 2006

Nagin... again....

This man is a turd... plain and simple. Read about it at Sweetness & Light .

Still Blogging

Hey... What can I say... Let's see if I can get this blogging thing going again.

If you thing ethnic or religious profiling is a bad idea...The cartoon below pretty much tells you that you are wrong. I think any time anyone gets on a plane these days they are wondering about the "Arab-looking" guy or guys that are getting on the plain. If you tell me you don't wonder... then you are a liar. The government needs to wonder as well. I'm not particularly dark and swarthy... but I believe that I get an extra look see due to my last name. Big deal... Get over it. If you're a Muslim... go take it up with other Muslims. Condemn the Muslim terrorist not the country that allows you to freely practice your religion.

C & F has lots of great cartoons and commentary here .

Well, Ray Nagin is an ass... as if we all didn't already know it.

Iran needs a beat down... I doubt the will get one anytime soon. When is the world going to wake up? If a country's leader says it's going to wipe another country of the map... and is supports a terrorist organization who's leader says that he'd like all of the Jews to move to Israel so that he can kill them all at the same time... why would you continue to negotiate with them? The only good thing about Iran thumbing their nose at the free world is that they are actually telling us to f' off. Even if we make some kind of deal with them... they'll just continue on like North Korea did. I don't have a link for this rant. There's plenty of information out there.

On a personal note, I completed my IDP paperwork so I can now take the ARE. I'm also currently trying to do 15,000 (or more) pushups by Christmas Day and I've signed up for the Atlanta Half-Marathon, to be run on Thanksgiving Day.

Anne and Penelope are doing well. Although we were all sick with some sort of flu for the last 3 weeks.

That's it for now.