Friday, June 23, 2006

Democrats Call for Pre-emptive Strike on N. Korea

Did I just read this correctly?!?!

"The United States should immediately make clear its intention to strike and destroy the North Korean Taepodong missile before it can be launched," from an op-ed piece in Thursday's Washington Post by William Perry, secretary of defense under former President Bill Clinton, and Ashton Carter, Clinton's assistant secretary of defense -- advocating a pre-emptive strike to destroy the missile.

Former Clinton Cabinet members adopting the Bush doctrine. The Bush Cabinet pushing for multi-national talks while a missile may be fueling that could reach the western United States.

Politcs confuse me.

Soooo, I guess, ummm, "yeah democrats"?



M here...

I have tremendous respect for our servicepeople, and I like to tell people "thank you" when I learn that they have served in the military, because I do honestly and deeply appreciate their hard work and sacrifice. I know that I can sit here and type this, in large part, because of our military and the freedom that they have earned and maintained for this country.

My wife has been in Afghanistan for the past few weeks. She will be home in a few days, and I will post some pictures up on the blog once she gets back. Anyway, my point for writing this was to pass on some thoughts. My wife is a consultant, not a serviceperson, so I never really equated her service with that of the troops. Regardless, during the past two weeks, I have been humbled by the fact that many family and friends have included her in their prayers, and I was especially touched to find out that two different churches included special prayers for her in their weekly services while she was gone. It is a great feeling to be reminded that we are all a part of a greater whole. I met a pastor last week from one of these churches who asked me to tell her "thank you." At first, I was struck by this as being kind of odd. I guess I never really thought about her work that way, but she really does play a role in making this world a better place. She is actively helping the military to plan to meet the future demands of regional security, and given the region, that is certainly not insignificant.

So I guess I just want to reiterate my thanks to the men and women of armed forces. I also want to thank all those that serve this country in whatever capacity they serve in, including those in private industry. I guess that just because private consultants do work for firms that bring home a profit, those workers and their hard work are still an integral part of the overall success of the mission, and that mission is vitally important. I also want to thank those that say "thank you" because that little jesture goes a long way and one of the little things that makes my love of this country so great. So, when my wife gets home this weekend, I will pass on the thanks and the prayers.

And I will continue to be proud.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yes... I'm still posting stuff now and then.

Hello all. I'm hitting the blog again. I've been pretty busy. A lot has been going on. I know that I'm probably a full day late on this, and I'm sure Michele Malkin or Hugh Hewitt have said something similar on their blogs, but I'll go ahead and say it. (Oh... Have you noticed the comic book sound of the two big bloggers... Anyone who knows what I mean gets a prize TBD. So, let me know if you know what I mean)

Anyway... Where is the outrage from the left? Where are the statements from Amnesty International? It's not that I expect to hear anything. However, I would think that the guys on the left would get a freaking clue. We have gotten rid of a regime that did actually torture people (in the traditional sense, not the fraternity initiation sense) this should be applauded. Hell, we used to prop up the jerk. I know that, we all know that. We fixed it. He's now on trial. That's good - plain and simple.

Now we have a group of people in Iraq who will mutilate you if they capture you... they cut of heads... slowly. These guys are killing Iraqis They will kill a whole family if they think that someone in that family is collaborating with the coalition. Where are the freaking protests? What's the deal? Why is it that protesters only protest Western Government? Because the US, the UK et al... actually care about this stuff. We're the good guys, the protesters know this. However, they can't protest the bad guys, because the bad guys don't give a flying...

This became another rambling mess. I didn't really get my point across but I need to go to work now. I just had to get on here to state the obvious.

Oh and GO TEAM USA! USA vs Ghana Thursday 10:00 am EST

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Best Thing in the Whole World is about to Start

Ahhh....finally, after 4 years of waiting, my reason for living kicks off in 15 minutes.


Let me just add... WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


PS. I'll be blogging again soon.