Saturday, January 29, 2005

Back from the Field

I've been back for a few days. We've been cleaning gear and turning stuff in. I'm outta here in less than a week. I decided to try for SLC when I come back for the Captain's course. Here are some picks from the field. I had the good fortune to play OPFOR for most of the time. I had one normal mission to do a hasty road crater. I got to TC in a M113. It was really cool. The rest of the time I attacked my class or annoyed them as a COB.

Hey, you got the wrong guy!

Yes... a 2LT asking the SPC where the ambush site is.

Home Sweet Home

Luxury Accommodations - I should put this in my portfolio.

Fabulous Interiors

We love it here

Need some mines placed? Call the OPFOR!

The whole OPFOR crew at the MOUT site.

More to follow...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Off to the field...

I'll be in the field for about 5 days. I'm supposed to be one of the OPFOR for the entire time. For those of you who don't know what OPFOR is... think bad guy... or civilian on the battlefield (COB). I get to run around in civilian cloths and odd uniforms or combinations and basically cause trouble for my EOBC class. I'll try to post some pictures of all the fun when I get back.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Just Pictures

Just a few photos of me here at FLW from the last few days. Nothing special, but I thought I'd post them. It's gotten pretty cold. It was 11 degrees this morning.

Wednesday "Dude, it's really nice out today. I hope it stays like this for a while."

Thursday "Dang! it's cold back here!" or "Mmmmfff! mmmffff mm mmfff!"

Thursday "More layers... Must get more layers."

Friday ...More layers but still cold. Did I mention that it was cold?

Saturday, January 08, 2005

D-Day... and a new (to me) pair of boots

I'm reading D-Day by Stephen E. Ambrose right now. It made me think of this cartoon I saw a few months back. Anyway, I did a search and found it and thought I'd share it.

On to something else... I bought some used combat boots today. I never thought I'd buy a used pair of boots, but they were cheap and they're Matterhorns. Matterhorns are good winter boots and I don't have to break them in. I should have toasty feet in the field!


I just ran on the engineer trail. It was really nice out there with the snow. It was actually pretty off in those woods beyond the parking lot.

The Gortex trail-running shoes I bought work great. I can run through puddles and snow and the feet stay nice and dry. I got them at REI for $65.00. I definitely recommend them.

Adidas Kumasi GTX

Sleepy Lieutenants in a Snowy Parking Lot

Well, the fire alarm here in bldg 3212 works. In fact... it works a lot. At least twice a week. This fine Saturday morning it worked at 0545. I'm normally already up and running (literally) at this time, but we typically have the weekends off. Thus, I was asleep. I think I will try to go back to sleep now.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Last Exam today!

Well, I just finished my last EOBC exam. I'm pretty sure I got an A. I'll probably find out later today. Now we have to do a "Capstone" project. I'm not sure what it is, but it will involve a bunch of work this weekend, through Monday and then we have to brief a Major, or Colonel, or General on the project. It's done by squads so that means there should be plenty of help.

After that we do "Sapper Stakes" which is sort of a combat engineer decathelon of rucking and land navigation and various tests on demolition, bridge recon, etc. Then we go to the field for a week or so to continue the outdoor/hands-on stuff.

Then we are done... Or are we (me)?

I received an automated e-mail stating that the great folks back in Georgia put me in the magic army computer system and I now have an application for Sapper Leadership Course in the system. I don't have the slot yet, but I assume that I'll be getting it. This means that my orders will be extended and I'll be here for another month. I'm pretyt excited. I'm kind of nervous at the same time. This extra month will most likely be the hardest month of training I have ever had.

Check it out.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another Drug Test...

Had to whiz in a plastic bottle again this morning. I guess it's SOP to give everyone a drug test after coming back from 2 weeks of leave.

You know, when I started this blog... I thought I would have amazing stories to tell and great photos. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. I must re-double my efforts to be more interesting. I suppose to be like all of the other bloggers I should give my opinions on politics and other current events. Let's see...

- Yeah George Bush won!
- That Tsunami was pretty bad.

Hmmm... that's all I can think of at the moment. I need to get ready for class so I guess that will do for now