Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Getting ready... 2 days and a wake-up till I go.

Weight: 195.2 lbs... I'm getting closer to my table weight. I just need to stay on course.

Last night I ran the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk with some people from my office. It was a good run, but took me more time than usual to complete. There were a lot of people to get through in the first mile... Thousands and thousands of people to dodge and slide past.

I'm at home today. Yesterday was my last day at work until I get back in February. So, I'm going to make my usual trip down to Ft McPherson to spend money on uniforms and gear. I need to pack like a fiend today too.

I've tinkered with the page format a little. I added some bullet points and increased the width of the black margin space to the right. I've also added a few links. Also, please note that the first link is for you to e-mail me. So, do it!

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