Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Well... I 'm continuing to be slack.

Let's see... I have lots to do to get ready for EOBC. It's just not getting done fast enough. I keep procrastinating. You know, I need to find my shot records. I don't really want to get 50 shots when I get to FLW. I just need to get my paperwork together. I need to renew my car tag, so that means I need to go get my emissions tested. I need to drop off and pick up uniforms from the alteration shop and pick up more from the cleaners. I need a haircut... and lots of other stuff.

The contractors are starting to really worry me. I think we may have hired a real dud. We should have 3 good days with very little or no rain starting today or tomorrow. So I'm hoping that the roof gets done. After we get done with this part of the project... er... I mean house, we will definitely do some very detailed drawings and do a lot of research on the contractor. References will be key.

I don't have much to report regarding my physical activity. I didn't do any PT yesterday. I set my alarm clocks for going to the gym this morning, but that didn't happen. So, I'll have to hit it tonight. Yesterday I weighed 198.0 and I weigh the same this morning. I guess I can look on the bright side that at least I'm not gaining weight.

What else? Oh yeah, I need to learn more about how to manipulate this blog stuff. I'm not too interested in learning HTML. I'll have to do some research. Maybe I'll buy one of those "For Dummies" books. I still need to purchase a digital camera. I need to do more research on that too... Oh, and I need to return my HR monitor. Never buy a Timex Bodylink hr Monitor. The GPS portion of the system works well, but I have had major problems with the HR monitor. I've looked on line and it seams that I am not the only one who has had problems with this unit.

I'm done rambling for now.

Wait... here's another funny picture.

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