Friday, September 10, 2004

Still Blogging Away...

Well, I'm still tinkering with this page. I'm trying to get that Drudge Report look.

I've added some advertisements to the page. I figure what the heck... Maybe I'll make $2.00 a month. What's really funny is that earlier I mentioned that I wasn't happy with my Timex Bodylink HR Monitor. The Google ad thingamajig searches your page and finds relevant content and chooses the ads to show visitors. So, this morning I had a bunch of ads for the HR Monitor I would not recommend. On the other hand... I also put up another banner that has items that I actually recommend such as books and CD's. So if you look at those you're seeing it because I think it's worth owning. Oh... the National Guard link is just there because I think people should join.

On to other things... The roofers were kicking butt when I got home after work. They had the roof off and I guess they'll have it back on tonight or tomorrow. It will be nice to be back in my bedroom. However, I will have to wait till Monday because I will be at my first drill with the 878th Engineer Battalion. I go to this drill and then I'm of to EOBC the next weekend.

Speaking of EOBC... as I have mentioned before, I have to weigh no more than 194 lbs when I get there 9 days from now. I'm still working on it. I didn't weigh in today because my wife made Thai last night and I ate a little too much and didn't want to be discouraged. I'll weigh in again Monday morning. I expect to do a little PT with my fellow new 2LT's Saturday.

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