Saturday, September 04, 2004

I'm living on the edge... you can't stop me... don't even try.

Well... let's see what's going on so far today....

Woke up, then the contractors showed up and stated tearing the front of the house up. This is a good thing. Anne and I went to Home Depot to get new locks for the sliding glass doors. We also looked at paint colors and bought one of those solar powered outdoor lights. We looked at some appliance, blinds and countertops. We did all of that last night at the Expo Design Center (Fancy Home Depot). I am living on the edge!

On the fitness front my weight is essentially the same. I weighed in at 198.4 when I got up this morning. I always weigh myself first thing to stay consistent. I hit the gym after having a rough time getting the new locks to work with our existing patio doors. I needed to file down the latch part a little to get it to work. You'd have to see it. I couldn't find my files. I had just bought them not to long ago. Anne said she saw them somewhere which means she put them away somewhere...

Anyway, at the gym I hit the Stairmaster thing for 30 minutes (400 calories, or so it said) and then did some squats, leg curls, calf raises etc... then I hit my biceps a bit. Of course the neck machine was utilized as well.

Now I have to jump in the shower, shave and throw on a suit and tie. My buddy Mike is getting hitched a 1600 today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:12 PM) : his name Mike Bunny now?


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