Sunday, September 26, 2004

DSL is up... for now.

Now that the Internet is working again (for now), I can update the Blog. This week was mostly inprocessing. We had some classes. I received many shots, had x-rays taken of my teeth, had my sight and hearing tested, etc, etc. On Thursday night we did night land nav. I was a first time go. Friday morning we did day land nav. I was also a first time go on this part. The land nav course out here is has some pretty steep terrain. It was challenging. Also, it's near the waste treatment plant. So, you can sniff your way back to the start point. They cut us loose at 1200 on Friday. It gave me the opportunity to get some things done. The big highlights from Friday on have been as follows...

 Laundry
 Having "sew on" rank put on my patrol caps
 Turning in uniforms to be pressed
 Drove to Rolla (Nothing to see)
 Ate at the DFAC (Mess Hall) twice
 Shined 3 pairs of boots
 Continued to shape and shave my beret
 Cleaned my room a bit
 Did a little reading ahead for tomorrows class on Military Justice

I'm living on the edge.

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