Monday, March 05, 2007

Training Officially Begins...

Today we got up early and did PT. Then we drew weapons (M4 with PEQ-2 an CCO and an M9) and then sat in a classroom all day. The classroom training was more or less informative... depending on who you talk to. I though it was good stuff. Mostly it was all about cultural awareness.

We had a couple of native Afghanis come to talk to us. They were naturalized Americans and they answered any questions we had. One was a Pushtu and another was an Uzbek. Both have been interpreters, (terps) and both seemed like cool guys. We had a great guest speaker, Lester W. Grau. He gave a cautiously optimistic overview of the situation over there. He said our mission will make a difference for the people of Afghanistan. He's an Afghanistan expert and the author of several books. We received two of them. one was called the Bear Went over the mountain and I can't remember the other one.


I'm not able to look and see what the other one is right now because Doc and I had to run off post (Doc has his POV that's a Personally Owned Vehicle) in order to use the internet at a bookstore in Manhattan. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep getting out here to update.

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