Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Very Busy Week

I don't have any cool pictures right now. I should have more in the future, because I bought a new smaller camera. It will be easier for me to carry it and pull it out of a pouch on my IBA. Any-Who (an instructor kept saying that this week) I got in to Camp Funston from my 4 day pass with the bulk of my team at 0130 Tuesday. We were up at 0500 and preparing to move out. It was really cold and really rainy. And... even though I brought my wet weather gear with me, I chose not to wear it. That was a mistake. I'm sick again. There's always some bug going around here and I always seem to catch stuff. I wash my hands all the time, keep nose picking to a minimum and I still catch more colds than most. Doc says it my be my messed up Armenian sinuses.

Any-Who... That Tuesday we worked on room clearing. Definitely good stuff to work on, especially since I'll have to teach it to the ANA or the ANP. Tuesday was dry fire... did I mention it was cold and I was soaked to the bone... I did right. Man I was miserable. So was everyone else... so, I felt ok about it. Misery loves company. Wednesday we did blank-fire and simunitions. Simunitions are really cool, because they hurt pretty bad when they hit you. Imagine paint ball x 2 or 3. You see, when you're firing blanks, people turn into "superheros". These guys do things that they wouldn't do if they new they were going to get a bad case of lead poisoning. Simunitions keep people honest with a little bit of pain. Any-Who... Bossman got hit right on the knuckles and it left an impressive mark, even with the heavy gloves he was wearing. It was still cold, but rain was minimal.

Thursday we went to the range and did live fire. We didn't do it in rooms. We just practice going from low ready to ready and firing without "flagging" your buddy. It's all about muzzle awareness. That was pretty cool. We all had to fire left handed at one station, which felt strange, but I hit the target 3 out of 4 times. It was also still very cold and windy.

Friday I started my "Advanced Training". Babboo went with me. He's the oldest guy on the team. So, he gets the name Babboo because it means Grandpa in Dari. He's a former marine and has been all over the place. He's grumpy too. I like that about him though. The training was all commo stuff and very important. This was some good training on the new radios and even though the guy kept saying "Any-Who", I thought he was one of the better instructors we've had. I won't go into the specifics of the radio training. I learned a lot about the equipment that could save my/our life/lives. Saturday Babboo and I continued with the commo training. Today we have the day off, hence the trip into town to get on the Internet. Tomorrow it's back to the commo stuff.

I've been lifting weights a little more... when I can get to the gym. I've been going with "The Spartans". I really need to come up with a name for these 3 guys. Any-who, I keep telling them that I will not shave my chest for any "after" photo. I haven't taken the before photo... I don't think I will. Lifting weights again is really doing me some good. Even though I'm under the weather, I can muster up enough energy to lift heavy objects. I can't run worth a crap any more though. Maybe in a week when I'm over the latest funk, I can get out there and run.

That's it for now.

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