Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well... more of the same...

Well... I'm sitting here at the INTERNET café. I've been busy all week with training. We had training all day today and after that, I finally made it to where I can get on the net. I sort of feel like I am in Atlanta right now. Downtown Atlanta, because there's a weird homeless guy sitting near to me as I type this.

I we have been doing Blue Force Tracker and commo training all week. We set up the mini-comsat station today. It was pretty cool. I was made the commo guy today. Not because I'm an expert at radios and computers, but rather because I'm kind of technically oriented (nerdy). I honestly don't know diddly squat about all of these new radios, but I guess I will before long.

Oh... I was just about to sign off because life just isn't extremely blog worthy lately, but I just thought of something... due to pain. Thursday morning we got up very early, we went to the gym and player basketball for PT. I actually made a shot (a rare site) and was having a good time when I decided to get in front of a Major (for now I'll call him MAJ High Speed) who was running full speed. His elbow hit me in the ribs... the ribs that had been busted about 8 months ago. So, I once again have busted ribs. It hurts to laugh... breath... exist... Oh well.

Oh and we started doing army combatives. Basically, it's Brazilian Jujitsu. I have learned a few chokes and different grappling techniques. It was cool, and I'd like to do a lot more. It's funny that I have done martial arts for years (not lately though) and I never got really hurt. I play basketball or soccer and get clobbered and break ribs.

That's all for now.

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Hi James. Joe O'Brien here.

Stay safe brother.


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