Monday, March 27, 2006

Give them Amnesty

Congress is pretending to get tough on illegal immigration now, and one of the issues is, what to do with illegal immigrants already in the United States? Apparently a lot of people disagree with me on this one, but you know what, I say let them have amnesty. I am 100% for people who want to work hard and make a living for themselves. Many of these people work difficult, manual labor jobs for very little pay. They escaped oppressive lives with very little hope or opportunity in order to come to the US to seek a better life. And I can respect that.

Yes. Seeking that "better life" by sneaking into the US is illegal. It is legitimate to say that all of the other people who are legally trying to enter the US are, in a sense, being punished by giving amnesty to the illegal ones. True.
Others say that giving amnesty is rewarding people for breaking the law. Also true.
These points are totally valid and accurate.

The United States has its share of responsibility for this situation though by not protecting the borders or even pretending to address the issue sooner. The illigal immigrants who are here came, in large part, because we did little to nothing to stop them. I say, sunk costs. It's time to accept the fact that you cannot "right" the "wrong" in any way that won't result in more government beaurocracy, huge costs, and probably little results. Let's be honest, the government just isn't capable. There is no way the government can find and deport all illegal all honesty, we don't want to do that anyway. We should all get off our high horse, telling everyone what the situation "should" be, and give the illegal immigrants in this country a path towards living a legitimate, respectable lifestyle, and at the same time we should devote our energy and resources to securing the borders like we should.


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Blogger Barb said ... (8:44 PM) : 

I agree that the workers who regularly come across the border, do a job, pay taxes, etc. are good prospects for amnesty. But how do we let them get *ahead* in 'line' of the people who are patiently fighting the process legally? That is not fair - and we are supposed to be about Fair, aren't we?

I say start up the guest worker program, but don't hand out amnesty to reward people for cheating the system.

My second concern is how we can possibly weed out the criminal element, which includes potential terrorists? That is still something I don't think anyone has a plan to deal with.


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