Monday, February 27, 2006

I am not the only on who posts to this blog...

Partamian here...

I have received some e-mails and some comments on the blog that have given me the impression that many of you have the wrong impression about who's posting what. Many of the posts (especially lately) have been posted by "M". Snaus X hasn't posted a damn thing and is going to get the boot soon if he doesn't step up. Anyway, "M" is a smart guy and a good writer. I want credit to go to "M" for a lot of the good stuff on this blog and please pay attention to who has posted to the blog when you make a comment because it's not always Partamian posting to the Partamian Report.

Perhaps we should put "Partamian here..." or "M here..." at the top. It says who posted at the bottom, but I guess this gets overlooked.

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