Monday, February 27, 2006

Something interesting in my walls...

Partamian here...

I was doing some demo work at the house yesterday to see how things are built so that I can do the "existing conditions" drawings for my home renovation. I'm taking this horrible fake wood paneling off of the entry wall and I find a diet Pepsi cup, and candy box, and a page form a the local paper from January 1978. I thought it was pretty funny. I've done demo work in other buildings and found coke cans and cigarette butts, but this find takes the cake. Why? Well, because there was something else in the wall with the cup, box and newspaper...

someone's stash... that's right... straight out of the 70's. There was a new package of rolling papers, camouflage brand, made to look like a cigarette with a filter printed on the paper. There were two roach clips and two little pipes. There was just a little bit of residue in the bag. So, all the weed was smoked up back in 1978. Nothing in the bag smelled like marijuana. It was so old that it just didn't have an odor. I don't know why it got sealed up in the wall, maybe someone on the construction crew was so high, that they set it on the bottom plate and forgot about it as they put the paneling on.

Anyway, I laughed pretty hard and now I'm going to throw it all in the trash.

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Blogger NOTR said ... (12:34 AM) : 

"But officer, I found it in the wall!"

"Sure you did sir! It is a creative excuse, I admit."

"No, no, I really did. The stuff was so old it didn't even have an odor."

"My dog pointed on it you druggie! How do you know the odor of dope unless... ?"



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