Friday, February 17, 2006

Best in Show

This year's Westminster Dog Show winner, Rufus, comes from what is known as a bully breed. Rufus is a colored bull terrier, the same breed that spawned Spuds McKenzie and the Target store mascot. But dogs like Rufus are destroyed in some parts of the country. Cities around the country are banning pit bulls and other derivations of bully breeds including Staffordshire terriors, bull terriors, and any dog deemed to "look like" a pit bull. California just passed a law allowing cities to pass "Breed Specific Legislation," which will no doubt result in more discrimination against these breeds.

I am the proud owner of two of these dogs. I can't imagine life without them, and I hate that they are so often so misunderstood. Don't get me wrong, there is a higher level of responsibility that comes with owning a dog that is strong enough to pull a truck. Proper training, care, and socialization are very important. But they are also extremely loving and affectionate, smart, and extremely loyal companions.

Here's some pictures of these "devil dogs" (Harley on the left and Bodhi with me on the right).

Yes, it is similar to owning a gun. In the wrong hands, used for the wrong purposes, bad things can happen, and I hate those that use these dogs for violence. But in the right circumstances, with training and education, they could very easily be your best friend.


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Blogger Barb said ... (12:16 PM) : 

ALL dogs have a prey drive (some stronger than others) and need to be trained properly and supervised well. As you say - socialization is so key, and it starts when they are little tiny pups! My mother in law breeds Tervurens, and when I would help her put the little guys into their puppy room at the end of the day, we would take one pup at a time, hold it and talk sweetly to it, put it close to our necks/faces and breathe on it, and give it a couple of minutes of totall atention. All as part of the whole package, of course - but her Tervs are some of the best socialized dogs I know!


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