Thursday, February 09, 2006

Free Muslims Coalition

Ok... I keep hearing about this Muslim outrage regarding the cartoons published by the Danish (and then other European) press. It all seems very silly to me, and I'm sure it seems that way to you. Well, maybe not you, or you, or... those two guys, or him, or that one guy...

Anyway, I have heard, on many occasions, on the TV and radio talk shows "Where's the outrage about blowing up innocent people?" and "Where is the Muslim outrage about the beheadings?"... and the horrible treatment of women and children, etc, etc. So, I started thinking, surely there's a Muslim group that is taking a stand. It didn't take me very long to find them. A quick Google search and tada...

The Free Muslims Coalition

This group seems like a legitimate reasonable group of Muslims (and others) who would like the Islamic world to come out of the dark ages and they want Muslims (and I assume anyone else) to report instances of extremism or support for terrorism.

Join the Fight Against Terrorism
Tell us about individuals, organizations, student associations, religious leaders, mosques or any other group or individual of influence that advocates Muslim extremist ideology, engage in apologetic support for terrorist organizations or advocates "Jihad."

Hey...Don't forget to buy Danish stuff! I'm going to buy some LEGO blocks.

Oh... and H/T to... um... well... me.

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