Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why is this news?

Ok, the Vice President accidentally shot his friend while hunting.

He says he didn't mean to, his friend says it was an accident. Everyone is going to be alright. What is the deal?

Cheney made a mistake, and yes, he is lucky that his buddy is alright. But let's be honest, it was accident and accidents happen.

I don't see why that is anybody else's business. What I really don't understand is why the press is so upset about not being told until the next day. I don't think there was any obligation to tell the press at all. It's not public business. <---- (that's a period). There is no subsection to the Bill of Rights that declares the American media must be given all image-tarnishing news about public officials within a certain timeframe and through the major media's preferred methods.

Cheney obviously feels bad about what happened. It wasn't intentional, and he should be left alone.


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