Monday, December 10, 2007

Update - More Photos From Off The Beaten Path

Did I mention it was dusty here? Because... there's some dust.

The Chaplin (aka Mulla Guzook) and I with some Afghan Warriors

When you are a company commander in the ANA, you get only the finest accommodations


The 13th century meets the 21st century... ok, maybe the late 20th in this case.

These kids liked the Viewmasters and Etch-A-Sketches we gave them. You have to be very careful when handing out candy and toys to these children. They tend to roam in packs and will take you down. Someone needs to watch your back... I'm not kidding. You could get killed by a couple of dozen 7 year-old boys. I was giving out some candy the other day and I was a little frightened. I now toss candy on the move at no less than 20 MPH.

He drew the most beautiful mosque, but it got erased when he held it up for the photo

Gunning some more

I like the decorative helmet, but I think I'll stick to the one I was issued.

Mornings in Afghanistan are bad... much worse if there is no coffee.

Moving around

The ANA have a nack for destroying everything they touch. This truck just flipped over... for no reason... with my brand new generator.

ANA Destruction... no... they didn't hit an IED. It just flipped over!

Stewie hates cats, but the cat likes Stewie.

Air Force Crew and Army and Stew

Just another picture of the crew.

Ok... this is my first attempt at posting video. I was at the Qalat Castle. This is a place that was once defended by Alexander the great... there's a lot of history here... "but let's just test fire our large machine gun into the walls anyway." said the ANA First Sergeant.

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Anonymous R.L. Burnside said ... (11:05 PM) : 

man, those ANA drivers are as bad as A-co at AT last year! I like the new AF uniform-a little jealous-remeber to "stay low"
R.L. burnside


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