Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One World, but World's Apart --suicide bombers in Iraq and America's role in the future of the country

Three people walked into the Buratha mosque in northern Baghdad today and blew themselves up, taking the lives of 74 people and injuring 136 more. What kind of a person does something like this? I will never understand this. What kind of person decides that the best use of their life is to strap a bomb to their chest and blow up as many innocent people as possible? How can a rational, civilized society such as the US be effective in an environment like this without stooping to their level? Maybe that's our problem...we are trying to act rationally against an enemy that is irrational? We value the lives of every person there and our military treats even their enemies with respect. But I have no idea how the US and its military are supposed to be "victorious" when trying to help the people of Iraq when there are seemingly so many there who would give their lives simply to spite the efforts of freedom, democracy, decency, respect, and progress. And they give their lives for what? I know what the American soldiers are giving their lives uphold these values. They are the true martyrs. Those "suicide bombers" (which should be rightfully called "murderers") that would kill innocent civilians because their imam says God wants them to, are evil, despicable people. They do not deserve the life that God has given them, and they certainly do not have the right to take the lives of those innocent people around them.

I am constantly reminded that we are all human. For the most part, we all want the same, happiness, fulfillment, etc. We all eat, sleep, and poop. We are all made of the same ingredients, but I can not relate to these people. I do not respect them, and I am beginning to question whether they should deserve the respect that normal people receive. We are commanded to love our neighbor. These people are our neighbors. God wants us to love and respect them, but how can you be a good neighbor when the man living next to you has dedicated his life exclusively to the purpose of causing your death? I don't know.


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