Sunday, September 18, 2005

I almost forgot... Hitchens vs Galloway (unofficial transcript)

I watched a debate between Christopher Hitchens and George Galloway on CSPAN (or was it CSPAN2?) on Saturday night. Yeah… I’m living on the edge, watching CSPAN on a Saturday night.

Anyway, Galloway is an idiot, and there were many idiots in the audiance clapping and hooting when he made his ad hominem arguments. If you want to read the transcript (and have the time) here it is. Click Here. Hitchens clearly won this debate. Hitchens is a very left wing guy, a socialist (or he used to be?), yet supports our efforts in Iraq 100%. He made a very good case that we are in a just war and he also… well, you really need to read the transcript. You can read more stuff by Hitchens on The Christopher Hitchens Web

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Anonymous Dr. Zubov said ... (11:08 AM) : 

i was in the same boat over the weekend, watching CSPAN. pushing the envelope. the way that i understand it though, is as long as you have a beer (or 8) while tuning in then you're not THAT much of a dork.

another good idea is publish a post about glocks in close proximity to the one about watching CSPAN, this diminishes any flack you may take for being a debate watcher (like myself). ;)



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